ditch the prom pose + let's have fun!

If you're worried about convincing your significant other to endure just another photo shoot, rest assured you will walk away from our shoot a change person! I've found that the standard super posed sessions aren't for me. You may be wondering how in the heck a photographer can do anything other than that here we go! 

From the moment we start our communication my goal is to learn about YOU and your story so I can serve you guys the best way possible. I want to know if you are shy, quiet, loud, goofy, all the things because this helps me serve YOU. When you arrive for your session it's all about getting comfortable and warming up. I typically will ask you what you and your significant other's favorite drink is and bring that along for the start of the shoot. We will pick a spot and let you guys just enjoy together while I start to slowly direct you guys just as a film director would direct their artors. Then we HAVE FUN! We explore the area, do some fun prompts and totally forget the prom poses and awkward stare and smiles. Trust me we will still get those shots that mom and grandma love to frame, we just get there in a less awkward way.

So if you're ready for a different experience than you've ever had and you are craving those authentic, candid, REAL moments captured. I'm your girl!