Hannah + Brady | Adventure Session

Two years ago I saw someone post a photo at this spot, I was determined to find it so I grabbed a friend to model for me. We hiked for over a mile before giving up when another hiker said the waterfall was completely dry. It took me two years to figure out the exact location and make my way back out there for a shoot. Talk about delayed gratification in the best way possible!

Two weeks ago Hannah posted a picture of her and Brady on vacation. She was rocking this red dress that was very much calling my name for a photo shoot, so we last minute set a date. This right here is the epitome of having a vision for a session and it coming to life better than you could have imagined! 

Guys, this is a true lesson in just living life and taking chances when they come purely because it brings more joy to your life! I could have easily kept scrolling past that photo and never spoke up that I wanted to shoot. I could have given up on this spot after 2 years of failed attempts or thinking it wasn't the right time of year to go. Point is we can make excuses, or we can embrace life and roll with whatever the day may bring. We could easily be discouraged by fear, the unknown, or social norms but where is the fun in that? 

If you made it this far thanks for reading my semi random thoughts, and little life revelations. I'll leave you with the most gorgeous adventure session ever! You'll want to scroll all the way through these, because these two were game for literally anything including jumping into super cold water at the bottom of the falls!