Alex reached out to me to capture her and Bodie’s engagement photos, they were open to anything so a low key adventure is what they got! From visiting little hidden gem location throughout Little Rock, to kisses under the street lights, filled with lots of chatting and laughter in between. I am so happy I got to hang out with the cutest fellow Red Sox fans and their precious fur babies!


Bodie & Alex met in high school (in fact we all graduated together!)

Two years later they finally started their love story on a spur of the moment spring break trip. Alex was heading to Panama City with some girlfriends when she jokingly invited Bodie and some other guy friends to join them. She never thought they’d actually agree to come, but a few weeks later they were all sitting on the white sandy beach.

The trip began as friends, but over the course of a week feelings started to grow. Alex even told Bodie she wished she could find someone like him, in hopes he would get the hint. (Guys never get the hint the first do they?!) 

A few weeks went by as their friendship continued to grow. One day Bodie called Alex and she realized in that time spent chatting that he had to be the one, because she’s not a long phone talk kind of girl. (I relate to this big time, I will do anything I can to avoid talking on the phone, unless it’s the right person. LOL)

Things moved pretty quickly from there, within 6 months they got their first home together and never looked back.

(UGH I love it, when you know, you KNOW!)

December 30, 2017 They decided a winter weekend getaway was in order and Bodie got down on one knee in the freezing cold. In fact it was so cold that by the time the perfect night time moment arose for a magical moment under the Christmas lights, they couldn’t feel their fingers (frozen fingers and a tiny ring to hang on to? Uh oh)

 It was snowing slightly, but the moment was perfect. Alex of course said yes but Bodie snapped the ring box closed before putting the ring on her finger! He said his hands were too cold to get the ring out of the box! Now everytime Alex looks back on the moment she can’t help but smile.

Seriously so sweet! At least no frozen fumbling and dropping of the ring occured!